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The Th​-500 is our most popular model, designed to fit the narrow observation ports of boilers. 
The Th-500 M is similiar to the Th-500,except for a strong rare earth magnet is included for attachment to metal surfaces.  These work great in tanks, boilers, containers, ships, elevator shafts, tunnels, paper mill digesters, or anywhere you have a metal surface.  
The Th-500 MG is a shorter version of the Th - 500 m.  However, the Th-500 mg comes with a 360 degree reflective guard which enables the user to direct light for specific tasks.  
The Th-250 WD is a special wash down light fixture.  It is similar in design to the TH-500 model, with the exception that it has a durable Pyrex cover (to protect the 250 watt bulb) instead of the zinc plated wire cage.  It is developed for areas where there will be water, sand, or other type of moving debris. 
The Th-250 WDM is our other wash down fixture.  It is similar in design to the Th-250 WD, with the exception that it has a 200 pound pull magnetic base added. 
Important Reminder:  Each one of our lights is shipped complete with a halogen light bulb.

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